To this day the Vietnam War is barely mentioned in Middle and High Schools in much of the country, when it should be an important part of the social studies curriculum. This is true of the school systems in Delaware. This needs to be addressed and corrected.



When production of our oral history project ‘Voices of War-Vietnam’ is finished, each individual interview, along with a transcription, and the edited documentary will be available to every school and library in the state. Copies of the Blu-rays, along with a transcript, will be available to various government, civic and veterans’ organizations for distribution. The completed project, the entire collection of approximately 200 individual interviews and the edited documentary, will be forever housed in the Delaware Public Archives, and submitted to the Library of Congress’ American Folklife Center for inclusion in the national Veteran’s History Project.

We aim to compile what will be an invaluable resource for educators and students alike. The very nature of this program encourages a balance of perspectives in that it utilizes personal recollections as a foundation on which to build historical interpretation. Each story, each individual interview, offers a unique glimpse at what it was like to live through these conflicts. These first-person accounts create a foundation for educators to create teacher syllabi, student activities, and worksheets. Students utilizing these materials will be uniquely challenged to incorporate the historical information provided into their own personal understanding of the Vietnam War.