Oral history is a time-honored tradition, a means of passing knowledge from one generation to the next and an inherently valuable historical record.

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Our Mission

Our video-oral history project ‘Vietnam Veterans USA Tour’ is intended to preserve the accounts and experiences of our brave Vietnam veterans. It is the compelling nature of these experiences that will capture the attention of a national audience, veterans and civilians alike.

In 2014, the Voices of War: World War II – Delaware documentary was completed and the filmed veterans interviews were placed in the Library of Congress under their Veterans History Project.

In 2016, The Veterans Story Project, starting with Delaware, began producing the next series: ‘Vietnam Veterans USA Tour’.

We have partnered with: The Library of Congress – Veterans History Project, U.S. Department of Defense -The United States of America Vietnam War Commemoration 50th Anniversary.

The ‘Vietnam Veterans USA Tour’ will begin with the Mid-Atlantic region and eventually complete travel to all 50 states and US territories to conduct first-person interviews, creating the video oral history collection.

The campaign bus will serve as a mobile studio and moving billboard, promoting the 50th Anniversary of the Vietnam War. The campaign bus will also serve as a Veterans outreach resource center and promote our tour sponsors.

We will be traveling major Interstates, visiting state capitals for press events. We will attend Vietnam Veterans of America and Department of Defense organized gatherings in celebration of the 50th Commemoration of the Vietnam War. All print, television and social media will be notified of our schedule and sponsors information.

When the tour is complete, we will have the largest video-oral history collection of Vietnam veteran interviews in the world.

We plan to donate our collection to the following: – Library of Congress-Veterans History Project, every State Archive and the Vietnam Veterans Education Center in Washington, D.C. All video oral histories and transcripts will be available to all United States Service Academies and for use in classrooms throughout the United States.

Vietnam Veterans are aging. It is critical that we capture their first person accounts now.

Our project will tell the Veterans stories, in the way only they can convey. It is imperative we guarantee the stories of the remaining Vietnam Veterans are recorded for posterity and for the greater understanding of future generations.

The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their nation.
— President George Washington